Colorado Laws on Dog Bites

Every year, a Colorado dog bite attorney files hundreds of personal injury claims arising from dog bites for clients who are victims. Personal injury laws differ from state to state in the US, and lawyers have to be familiar with the laws of the state where they practice.

In Colorado, dog bite injuries are listed under personal injuries. Colorado laws recognize claims for wounds arising from dog bites, but they must be per certain stipulations:

  1. Liabilities of the dog owner: As a dog owner, you are liable for damages if you don’t provide a safe living place for your animal. If the dog is left to roam the neighborhood without adequate guidance and it bites someone, you are going to be liable for damages. You will also be liable if you don’t put up a warning for passersby to beware of dogs, and they get attacked. Colorado also has a law against walking dogs without leashes or skipping vaccinations for rabies and other diseases. In the event of a dog incident, you as the owner may be found liable if any of the rules above are broken.
  2. Claiming damages as a victim: If you get bitten by a dog, you might be able to claim some compensation depending on if you were legally permitted to be at the scene where the incident took place. If you were trespassing private or public property and attacked by a guard dog, your claim will not be valid. You may also not qualify for reimbursement if you work with dogs in any capacity and you get bitten. Most jobs involving dogs already come with hazard pay, and that is why you may not get extra compensation.

If the army or military are on an operation and the service dogs hunt a suspect, the person may not claim damages. Finally, if a clear notice or warning is in place and you get attacked by a dog, you might not get compensated unless the court determines that the dog warning was not visible to everyone.

 Hiring an attorney in Colorado to help your claim case is quite easy if you know what to do. There are thousands of attorneys in Colorado but only the best Colorado dog bite attorney can help your claim either as a dog owner or as a victim of a dog attack. Look out for attorneys with a track record of winning claims.

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Carolyne Sauer

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