How to Know When Your Aircon Need Immediate Servicing?

An air-conditioning unit is a vital aspect of people’s life. It is essential for people especially, in countries with hot and humid climatic conditions such as Singapore. In a country where a high percentage of the population is using air conditioners, the worst thing is when it is not working during the hot days.

Hiring the best air conditioning service is a good idea for the maintenance and repair of your aircon. The 7Days Aircon Servicing takes all customers as the unique one as well as their needs. That is why the 7Days Aircon Servicing offers customized servicing based on the needs of the customers.

Maintenance mistakes you need to avoid

The mistakes people usually make and what leads their aircon to break down include –

  • Inability to do regular maintenance
  • Not cleaning dirt and debris gathered
  • Frequently adjusting the thermostat
  • Turning air conditioning unit on and off
  • Not using ceiling fan properly
  • Running air – condition 24/7 without changing its filter
  • Not using air condition for a long time

Avoid these mistakes to keep your aircon working without any interruption.

Signs your air – conditioner needs immediate attention

Now, you are aware of the mistakes you usually make or what lead to the shutting down of your air- conditioner. What about when it is already late for you to avoid these mistakes? Now, check out the signs to know when your air – conditioner needs immediate attention or servicing.

Producing cold air

First of all, take note it is cold air, not cool air. You use air conditioning for cooling the area. However, your aircon is producing cold air, and you can feel it by standing in front of it. It means something is wrong with its thermostat.

The thermostat is the one controlling the temperature of the air-conditioner when the unit is on or off. Even if it is not working, it will continue cooling your room despite how hot the weather is outside.

Frozen coils of the condenser

The location of the condenser coil is outside near the main power line coming into your house. If you see a change in the colour of the condenser coil from silver or white to black, it means the coils has frozen because of not getting enough airflow. Once you restore the airflow, the condenser coils will defrost themselves. If you notice this problem even when you have clean filters, the unit is not getting enough power as it requires.

No power

You are switching on your aircon, and it is not turning on it means there is a problem with the power supply in your aircon. First of all, check your light fixtures, if they are working once you flip the switch for them. The problem persists even after changing the buttons there is a possibility of the breaker or a blown fuse. On the other hand, it is also because the breaker panel of your air- conditioner is not on.

Other signs include no cool air even when the power is on. Also, rusty water drains pans, strange noises, water in the filter even if you are not using it, internal leakage, lack of airflow, and lack of normal airflow after turning aircon on or off. You can also find more information about 7Days Aircon Servicing on their Facebook page. There you can find the reviews and testimonials of their previous clients.

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