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The market of online gambling has changed drastically since it first came into existence. From 1994 to 2019 we have seen the market has grown rapidly with the increase in the number of online casinos, online sites and more gambling options like E-sports, Bingo, etc and the market is still on the rise. It is predicted that by 2024, the ceme online market will reach USD 87.75 billion and also, during the forecast period of 2019-2024 it will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.77%.

The Ceme Game:

The ceme game considered a healthy game of cards with an additional increment of strategic skills. The winner is decided upon cards unfolded at the end of the gamble. The ceme game existed from the ancient ages; the most common example is the Hindu literature text of Mahabharata. The origin of the ceme game is from 19th century United States. However, for generations now, it has evolved and popularised as one of the most intellectual and entertaining games for society.

The Online Ceme Game

The first online casino was set in 1994. The new generation of ceme online has gained a higher audience than the original conventional existing gamers. The vulnerability of deception and manipulation increases with online gambling. The online games often pave the way for real-life tournaments such as satellites. One such winner was Chris Moneymaker, who set an example for many such ceme players to go on and win the trophies through this online cardroom. The ceme  game tournaments are a great platform for displaying real talents of strategy and policymaking. The online cardrooms prove even better for the understanding of one’s talents for people who are conscious of other people’s judgment.

The companies of online gambling:

  • Bally Technologies: They started with the name of Bally Gaming probably in the year 1932. They have seen many ups and downs throughout but always ended upholding its position as market leaders. They came out with the first touch screen video slot machines called the ‘Game Maker’ in 1994. It was a huge success since the machine was very innovative as the players could choose among ten different games only by touching the screen. Bally Gaming merged with Alliance Gaming Technology in 1996 and soon after ten years, it changed the name into Bally Technologies.
  • Chartwell Technology: The Company known as the supplier of the popular gambling sites such as Bwin and Betfair, was created in 1987 under the name Napier Explorations. From a mineral exploration company to an oil and gas company and then finally in 1998 they became Chartwell Technology when they moved into the gambling industry and started to manufacture and license software with the accession of a computer software company named Gateway Technology.
  • Microgaming: The Company was formed in 1994 and it released its first gambling game online in the same year when the majority of the people did not have the internet. It was a huge risk! Despite knowing the risk factors and also going through a lot of controversies in its later years, the company still carried on with the creation of ceme online

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