The Difference Between Evaporative Fan And Air Conditioner 

The difference between an evaporative fan and an air conditioner is something you need to know. This will make you make a choice when next you decide to get a cooling system for your home. An air cooler fan just like the name suggests is specially designed to keep the area cool. This fan works better than your average fan and is specially designed to keep you cool through the use of an evaporator in hot weather conditions. An air conditioner works using a refrigerant gas and makes use of chemical and other components that separates the air which flows out of the exhaust pipe while it blows cold air to you. 

An air conditioner is not easy to carry or maneuver. The component of an air conditioner makes it weighty and big which restricts your ability to move it from one location to another. It is very difficult to move your air conditioner as most air conditioners need to be installed in specific areas making it impossible for you to move it from place to place. The same cannot be said for the air cooler fan, it has less weight and is very easy to move around. The size of the fan makes it easy to transport and it does not need installation. It is usually detached with some of it specially designed for traveling purposes. Due to the size of the air conditioner, it takes up more space when compared to the cooling fan which needs a small space for it to be placed. 

An evaporative fan also known as an air cooler fan is economical when compared to the air conditioner. You do not need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to set up your office space with this cooling fan. You do not need to set aside an installation fee. With little money, you can keep your office space smelling fresh, well ventilated, and running smoothly. You can also save yourself from skin damage and unproductivity at work. Although the evaporative fan does not have the blasting power of the air conditioner, it is still very much effective. You do not need to worry about the money to purchase it or maintain it unlike the air conditioner, where you need to include installation cost and maintenance fee after a period of a year or bi-annually. 

This is unlike the evaporative cooler that needs to be maintained and checked after a period of two to three months. You also need to make sure that water is available for it to run smoothly. 

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