Often times you compare air conditioner VS evaporative air cooler so as to know the one that is better and the one that gives you utmost value for your money, you want to know the one that serves you better and is also simpler to maintain without much stress and how long it can stay with you without getting spoilt or spending so much money on repairs.

Air conditioners are sophisticated cooling devices that are programed to work automatically with help once they are well fixed and connected to electricity, they do not need or require you adding anything into them to function properly except for when there is need for servicing and that happens on rare occasions .The air conditioner is created for ease of access and use as it also comes with easy to use remote controls that could even be handled by children.  You as a parent can be far away and be rest assured that your child can control your air conditioner for his or her comfort without getting hurt in anyway because air conditioners are usually fixed and fitted to a certain spot which is usually higher and beyond the reach of children which means their only contact with the air conditioner will only be the remote control, which is used for putting the AC on, reducing or increasing its warm or cool level, swing action, and also function mode which is for selecting warm or cool function depending on the weather . When you are considering what exactly to buy air conditioner VS evaporative air cooler, the interest of your children should come first as a parent.

The evaporative air cooler on the other hand is not as sophisticated as the air conditioner because it requires a lot of stress and effort for example to make your evaporative air cooler functional , you have to place it at a window where there is influx of fresh air and this requires moving it from one place to another, while comparing air conditioner VS evaporative air cooler You will understand that the evaporative air cooler cannot be easily operated by children without strict supervision by  parents because of size and how physically accessible the engine is to their reach, children could be too playful sometimes and they might be tempted to place their fingers in the ducts and openings in the engine and this could hurt them. Also, it might not be advisable to allow children fill the water compartments themselves to avoid overflow or spillage of water on the socket which could lead to electrical surge and electrocution.   

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