The Practicality of Gridlock Ending in Electricity Tariffs

Reducing energy consumption in your house saves you money, improves our energy security, and reduces pollution from non-renewable energy sources. Reduce your electricity loads first if you want to install a small renewable energy system to generate your Business Electricity, such as a solar electric system or a small wind turbine. This will save you money by allowing you to buy a smaller system.

Electricity is a one-of-a-kind and difficult commodity to produce, transport, sell and consume all at the same time. As a result, utility companies must maintain a delicate balance between how much electricity is generated and how much infrastructure is required at any given time to meet customer demand. Knowing that enough electricity is being supplied to your location at all times gives your company a great deal of peace of mind. Utility companies are responsible for ensuring that your business can receive the maximum amount of electricity it requires whenever you need it. This is something they must do for all of their customers. As a result, utility companies must have sufficient backup equipment, such as transformers, substations, and generation plants, to meet all of their customers’ needs. Utility companies assess demand charges to help offset the high cost of standby capacity.

You can save electricity in your home in a variety of ways:

Appliances and electronics

Buy and use energy-efficient appliances and electronics. Reduce “vampire loads,” electricity wasted when electronics aren’t in use by using an advanced power strip.


Buy energy-efficient products, operate them efficiently, and use energy-efficient windows and skylights to bring more daylight into your home.

Electric space cooling and heating

Invest in and operate energy-efficient electric systems. Use energy-efficient windows and incorporate solar design ideas into your home. Insulate and air-seal your home correctly. Choose a non-electric heating system that is energy efficient.

Electric water heating

Invest in an energy-efficient electric water heater and keep it in good working order. Alternatively, choose a non-electric, energy-efficient water heater. Home energy audits can help you improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. As a part of Business Electricity services, these are essential.

Electricity Rates Determined by Time

Many utilities introduce programs that encourage customers to use electricity during off-peak hours to help reduce peak power demands and save money. The savings are passed on to you, the customer, in the form of rebates or lower electricity rates.

Customers can program how and when their home uses energy using smart meters and home energy management systems. Such programs may charge you the current cost of electricity, which can range from high prices during peak demand to low prices during off-peak hours. These programs can save you money while also helping your utility if you can shift your power usage to off-peak times, such as when you run your dishwasher late at night.

Last Words for You

Owners of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles prefer time-based rates because these vehicles are typically recharged at night. For more information, see Buying and Driving Fuel-Efficient and Alternative-Fuel Vehicles.

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