What factors can ruin your roof?

Do you also like the people who don’t put effort into checking the condition of their home’s roof?

Shingles, tiles, and different roofing materials are useful in protecting homes from adverse weather conditions. So, you must know about some factors that can completely ruin your roof. Have a look!

  • Rain, ice, and snow

Rain is counted to be the biggest reason behind the roof damage. Whenever moisture gets absorbed in your roof, it can completely damage it as well as your home’s structure. Meanwhile, it can also cause the growth of mildew, mold, and rot hampering the insulation. The melting of ice results in ice dams that can block the water to get drained via gutters. 

Such kinds of forced leaks cause water to come back into the ceiling. In such conditions, you should immediately call the commercial and residential roof contractors. 

  • Wind

The wind is another reason for roof damage as it can easily pull out the shingles from the roof. Once the underlayment is exposed, this can result in leakage of your roof. Moreover, the edges of a roof can also get damaged by the wind.

  • Sun

The harmful UV rays not only affect the human but your roof as well. How? The everyday heat causes shingles to break down with time. In some circumstances, the sun can also fade out the shingles and start deteriorating. On finding our roof damaged by the sun, call roofing experts like One World Roofing and know about our services.   

  • Lichen and moss

Lichen is a slow-growing plant that grows in a crusty look on the roof. On the other hand, moss is softer than lichen, but it also grows in an area where it is unwanted. In case, your roof also has lichen or moss, you have to deal with the wood rot or structural damage. 

  • Overgrown trees

Overhanging branches generally results in some serious damage leaving the accumulation on the roof and trap moisture. This in turn results in the growth of mold and sometimes punctures in shingles. 

Do you also need the assistance of a professional roof contractor?

On experiencing such issues, it is always advisable to take help from the roofing experts like One World Roofing who are always ready to help you. 


Bernice Witting

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